МГЛУ и ФАЯ 70 лет! Поздравление лектора Университета имени султана Кабуса (Оман)

Выпускник факультета английского языка Геннадий Медведев поздравил МГЛУ с юбилеем

Dear Minsk Slate Linguistic University


My Dearest College of English


As-salamu aleykum and warm greetings from the Sultanate of Oman.


This is Gennady Medvedev writing to you. To many, I am just a Gena; to a few, even a Genochka. With any name and without any doubt, I am a proud graduate of my Alma Mater. I am very excited and honored to send you these greetings on the occasion of this wonderful Jubilee. 


70 years old ... what an impressive age! It is the age of my father, who just turned seventy, too. Indeed, for many years You were my parent. You educated me, taught proper language and manners, and what is more, guided me and set new goals. When I first approached the building in Zakharova, 21 back in 1991, I felt shy and hesitant as I knew what kind of place it was. And You became my home that I will never forget. When I graduated in 1996, I felt that I could not leave it and stayed on for many more years.


It is the College of English (or the English Faculty) that offered the best it had in its Curriculum, but also the bestest teachers that I could ever think of. You changed my path, my way of thinking and now I am one of You. I could never imagine how people could work at the same place all their lives and have so much professionalism and dedication to this very University.


Unfortunately, I spent only 18 years with You, and as soon as I became 'old enough to travel by myself', my home university sent me to a far end of our small world. Today I am carrying my mission across the Middle East and I am still the only Belarussian to be working in English Language Programmes at Sultan Qaboos University in Oman. It is a big challenge and a privilege as my new students see me as a representative of a good Faculty, a good University and a good Country. Yes, I do come from In'Jaz, and in Arabic this transliteration means 'Achievement'. 


Dear In'jaz, 

Turning 70 is a major achievement and a great age. I was invited to celebrate Your 50th and 60th birthdays. I will definitely think of You as You turn 70. 


Regardless of Your age, move on and reach the unreachable and think of unthinkable! I reach out to You across the world and think of You all!


With gratitude,


Gennady (Gena, Genochka) Medvedev

Student of the English Faculty (1991-1996)

Post-graduate student (1996-1999)

Associate Professor of the Department of Stylistics (2001-2012)

Proud Graduate of In'jaz (timeless!) 

Обучение Мероприятия Культура


18 мая 2016